Get More A/B Testing Wins By Creating A Test Hypothesis

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Hey there, folks! Justin Christianson here, the co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics. And today, I want to discuss how to get more wins from your marketing experiments.

Making a list of tests you want to conduct, tests such as button colors, headlines, placements, and layouts, can work okay. But when you just move down a list like that, it’s like randomly throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. And there’s a better way.

What you should do instead is create a test hypothesis. Now, a test hypothesis is basically a bold, specific prediction to be proven or disproven by your experimentation. A test hypothesis answers the question “why?”

You want to figure out what you’re testing, what you predict the outcome will be, and why you think that’s the case. It’s moving things. For example, if we change X, then Y, because Z or if we change this variable and get this result due to this rationale.

A good example of this is instead of saying we’re going to test button color today, say we’re going to test button color because we think it’ll increase our click-through rate because the color adds contrast to the page and makes our call-to-action stand out. So that’s the reason why.

That was a basic and simple form of a test hypothesis. But you want to constantly be going out there and answering the question “why.”

The benefit of asking “why” is you’ll be smarter. With every test, you’ll understand what’s going on better. You’ll understand visitors’ behavior. You’ll understand what visitors like, what they dislike, what elements they care about, where they’re falling off, what they’re paying attention to, and what they’re ignoring.

All these elements get rolled up into one. And instead of something like one in eight tests or one in six tests that you might win, you might move that down to one in three. Then, you’ll be able to learn from the additional tests you conduct instead of throwing stuff up randomly.

This will help you evolve your testing. If you want more wins, create test hypotheses and try answering the question “why” with every test and experiment you conduct.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how you can get more wins with your experimentation.

We look forward to talking to you again soon.