A/B Testing For Your Ecommerce Store To Build Trust And Increase Conversion Rates

Hey! Justin Christianson here, the co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics. And today, I want to discuss a few elements and a case study about how you can increase your conversions by building up your visitors’ level of trust.

One of the best ways to build trust is to leverage icons. People want to know they have the key benefits and trust in your business.

Case in point, we have one company right now that we just concluded a test for. We added some simple icons highlighting a couple of key product benefits, such as a 30-day easy return policy and a 90-day warranty. These changes increased sales conversions by 26% and the revenue per visitor by 25%.

We also have a second company that just concluded a similar test in which we added some trust elements, including McAfee secured. The goal was to build up the level of security because people want to feel comfortable making buying decisions and confident that their information won’t be stolen. (Yes, that still is an issue even in today’s ecommerce world.)

So the more trust you can build, the better off you’ll be. That particular test—the one with McAfee secured—increased sales conversions by 6%, and this company does quite a bit of volume. So this change means an extra couple zeros will be added to the company’s revenue next year. The test also increased the company’s revenue per visitor by 15%.

Now, to take this a step further, what you can do is change up the messaging. You can test things like saying a “90-day guarantee” versus saying a “1-year warranty” versus saying a “1-year guarantee.” You can test saying “30-day easy returns” versus “30-day money-back guarantee.”

You can test the language and the positioning of that to see what helps your visitors take more of the action you’re looking for, such as purchasing more products and spending more money.

So that’s just one quick case study.

If you’ve got an ecommerce store and aren’t yet leveraging these elements, just be mindful that, in a lot of cases, having too many icons can actually hurt your conversions. So play with the amount and the types of icons you use, such as free shipping, made in the USA. And do anything else you can to build trust and highlight the benefits because people don’t read, they skim, and we find icons to be the most impactful trust-builders.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this content. And if you know anyone else who could benefit from it, give it a share.

We’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks!