Why UI Copywriting Improves Conversions More Than You Think

Guest post by Amanda Sparks

Application and website development processes are changing by the day. It’s not enough to simply design a website and publish your products anymore. Visitors and customers want more than that from you.

The latest trends in web content development are User Interface copywriting and User Experience development (UI and UX for short). These two techniques aim to deliver more thoughtful and emotional content rather than focus on strict technical details.

In that regard, UI copywriting is much more beneficial when it comes to converting visitors into customers as well as increasing the overall amount of traffic to your website. But what is UI copywriting in practice, and what are the direct benefits of hiring a UI writer as opposed to a regular copywriter?

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UI Copywriting 101

Before we delve into the benefits of UI copywriting, we need to understand what we are dealing with. In short, UI copywriters are writers who focus on filling in the blanks left by web designers and app developers.

While the latter focus on coding and programming, UI copywriters brainstorm about the text needed to make the product operational. The job description of UI copywriters varies according to specific projects. But the gist is the same. They are in charge of making sure the developed product is comfortable and reliable to use.

For example, if a web designer creates a navigation bar for a website, a UI copywriter would naturally think of the optimal words for buttons and elements around the landing page. The easier it is to navigate a website, the more likely a visitor is to convert or engage with the content.

In essence, this is the nature of UI copywriters’ jobs today. And while their prowess is exciting to consider, how exactly can we benefit from hiring one for our own web and app development?

Office Teamwork

First and foremost, UI copywriters are different from content creators in a big way. They are team players.  Traditional writers and content creators typically work separately from the development and marketing teams.

But UI copywriters serve as an integral part of the development process. And this makes their involvement and impact on the final product much more noticeable, as it reflects the entire team’s synergy and cooperation.

The conversion rates your website or application delivers hinge greatly on the way your development team cooperates and communicates. As the specialist involved in putting the finishing touches on your new pages and products, UI copywriters contribute to the level of teamwork in your office.

Cohesive UI

Sometimes web designer and programmers will use their experience and write the UI copy themselves. While this can sometimes work, it most often results in generic and familiar writing that most websites have.

UI copywriters take full responsibility for writing each and every line of text featured on a website or application. They are in charge of naming every button and writing notes and calls-to-action for every popup. They essentially drive the majority of your conversion rates as a result. This means that an experienced UI copywriter can add a lot to the development process of a new product.

If you don’t have a copywriter on-board, you can easily outsource your UI copywriting to a writing agency. Professional content companies across the web have already implemented the concept of UX copywriting. Some of the most popular ones are FlashEssay, GetGoodGrade, and EssayKittens. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose one or more of these writing services and work with a professional UI copywriter to fill in any blanks you may have in your design.

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We’ve touched on the emotional side of UI copywriting and how it differentiates from regular copywriting, but what does that actually mean? In short, UI copywriters care more about UX than technical details. They are the masters of creating the optimal customer journey in your website’s or application’s layout.

UI copywriters tell stories as opposed to writing simply what you expect to find in a product. This makes them invaluable to development teams that want to achieve high conversion rates and interact with their users on a more personal level.

Brand representation

You may not realize this, but users generally take less than a minute to decide whether or not they want to use a website or application. Giving UI copywriters free reign to do what they do best can make your brand more appealing to a wider range of people.

Make sure to decide what your key demographics are and let UI copywriters do the rest. Representing your brand through an interface that understands your viewers and wants to make their website or app navigation easier and more comfortable is essential to high conversion rates.

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If your product puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them want to use it more, you’ll know your UI copywriter did a good job. Any industry and niche can be made relatable and easy-to-understand with good copywriting. It’s up to you to decide what direction your product will take.

New Age Of Copywriting (Conclusion)

As you can see, UI copywriters are not that dissimilar from their older counterparts. Commonly, copywriters and content creators tend to learn more about UI and UX and are able to easily shift career paths. This means there will be fewer traditional content creators as the industry shifts to a more user-centric development path.

Make sure to transition to this new way of developing fresh content early on so you can fully capitalize on the popularity of UI copywriting. Your conversion rates and revenue can only benefit from adopting this modern and appealing trend. So don’t waste any time in doing so.

About the author: Amanda Sparks is a professional marketer and blogger. She’s worked as a marketer for seven years and is passionate about developing innovative and customer-friendly solutions for brand growth. Amanda blogs for pleasure, and in her free time, she writes on her personal website Top Down Writer.