Avoid these DATA-DRIVEN Mistakes Even Good (E-Commerce) Businesses Make

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A special video where we sit down with the founders of Praxis Metrics to discuss data.  The rights, the wrongs and what you should be doing with your data to get the most out of it for e-commerce growth.

Praxis Metrics helps companies acquire, convert, and retain more customers through actionable data insights. 

As a trusted outsourced data team we automate your reporting, implement your Business Intelligence solutions, and help you take action from your data. 

Need a Command Center for your business?

Praxis Metrics will build a centralized reporting system for your business that gives your entire team access to the data they need.

Pain Points most companies have:

  1. They have all the reporting they need but it takes too long for a team member to create each week. Someone is still manually pulling data into a spreadsheet. (Human error)
  2. They aren’t getting the reporting they need because the data is spread out in various different tech systems that don’t talk to one another.
    • They don’t know how to gather or silo their data into one platform.
  3. Don’t trust the accuracy of the data or reporting they do have.
  4. Their systems aren’t currently tracking the data they really need. 
  5. They want to build a dashboard for their business and their team to use.
    • Not sure which platform to use
  6. Think they need to hire a “data person” – data scientist, data analyst, or dashboard engineer to help with all their data problems in house.

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Getting answers from your data shouldn’t be so complicated.  Let their data consultants review your technologies, current reporting, business goals and current data challenges and show you how to acquire, convert, and retain more customers through actionable data insights. 

Stop exporting into spreadsheets. Get accurate data you can trust and grow your business from one dashboard.

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