A Review Of TrustGuard – Is It Worth It?

When selling online it is important that your visitors trust the company they are doing business with and trust their information will be kept safe.

One of the biggest things you can do for your online store is to leverage things like trust seals and security seals to let your visitors know that their information will be kept safe.

Typically for all our clients here at Conversion Fanatics we test using trust signals on sales pages, product detail pages and specifically on checkout pages.

One of our go-to solutions for this is TrustGuard.

TrustGuard is a solution that scans your site dozens if not hundreds of times for security and privacy issues. They then report it back to you letting you know what areas you can focus on to make it better.  With their convenient website seals they also report this information to your visitors, letting them know that your site is secure, their privacy is a priority as well that your business is verified.

We have tested multiple solutions in our optimization efforts and TrustGuard usually comes out on top in terms of conversion performance.

For one particular company we tested adding TrustGuard’s privacy seal on the checkout page and it resulted in a nice little bump in conversions as pictured below.

Regular orders increased 19.2%, recurring orders increased 28.2% and revenue per visitor increased 71.1%.

Of course, your results may differ slightly but I can tell you that the majority of the cases where we test a trust signal, it wins.

What we have found is that for about a hundred bucks a month you can give your visitors peace of mind knowing that you are a trusted store and their information and privacy is safe and secure.

TrustGuard is easy to setup (takes just a few minutes) and will bring almost instant credibility to your online store.

Of course we recommend running an A/B test to see just how much improvement you can get but we highly recommend you give TrustGuard a shot.

Let us know your results after you test it.