Leveraging Product Detail Comparisons To Increase Conversions

If you have a product(s) that have multiple options, such as ingredients, benefits, or in this case, a solution for multiple skin types, then it is important that you highlight the differences in the products so your visitors can quickly make selections as to what is best for them.
The easier you make it for your visitors to make selections and get all the information they need to make a buying decision the better your overall engagement is going to be and will most likely result in an increase in conversions.

Today we are going to look at a skin care company who has a featured product, a kit or system for better skin.  They have 3 different options to choose from based on skin type.

We have done several rounds of tests on this particular page previously with much improvement.  Based on heatmaps and other data we decided to streamline it even further by replacing the middle section of the page with a detailed ingredient and benefit breakdown.

The control as pictured above you can see the breakdown of the steps in the system as well as some proof elements.

The bottom section allows you to choose your options but blurred out for confidentiality.

The new variation that we tested replaced the breakdown and proof with a breakdown table based on skin type and each benefit from each step in the 3 step system.  We also included a sub-menu on the page to highlight the science, the formula and reviews of the product in order to keep some social proof elements in place.

This allows for easier selection of the product the visitor needs and pushes them to make an informed decision.

The results?

After about 126 conversions and 2400 unique visitors we saw an increase in completed orders of 10.1% and a 22.8% increase in revenue per visitor.

We also showed on the heatmaps an increase in page engagement and click activity.

The question for you is where can you make it easier for your potential customers to make a selection?

If you would like help improving your conversions and/or need more ideas for results improvement opportunities, be sure to reach out for your complimentary analysis.