Simple Cash Injection Into Your Business

Simple cash injection into your business

You have a product or service you are selling.  It is the lifeblood of your business.

Or maybe you have a big portfolio of products.  What I am about to outline for you is a way to get a BOOST in your sales leveraging the resources you currently have.

There are a couple requirements however in order to make this work.

1.  Have a list of prospects/customers that you are in regular contact with either by email or direct mail.
2.  The willingness to offer a discount or sale price of your product.

This works particularly well with products that have gone a little stagnant, you have seasonal products, or maybe you have a big list of prospects that haven’t yet been pushed over the edge to actually becoming a customer yet.

No matter what you have this method is sure to push a little cash into your business.

The method is simple.  You setup your product or offering as a “Special Sale”.

But the kicker here is the urgency of the offering.  You are only going to want to do this for 4 to 7 days max.
For a period of 4-7 days your prospects a chance to save anywhere between 25 and 50% off.

It is completely up to you as to how much you want to discount, however we recommend no less than a 25% discount.  40-50% discount seems to be the sweet spot.

Now what you do is craft an offering for this special discount and communicate it with your target audience in your preferred method.  Email is usually the best.

You send anywhere between 3 and 5 correspondences to your targeted list with the special offer.  All the while putting strong emphasis on the expiration of the special pricing.

I have yet to see this special “sale” fail in dozens of different executions.

It can be done using coupon codes, direct checkout savings, or whatever method you have to deliver the savings.  The magic comes in the savings and the time sensitivity.

Try it out for yourself.  All it really takes is the creation of the communication pieces, the setup of the actual savings and checkout process, and finally the creation of the landing page as to which they land on after receiving your emails.

You will really be amazed at the results from this simple strategy.  You are only limited to your imagination as to the uses.

Let us know how it works out for you by dropping us a line.

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