Are You Paying Attention To The “Little” Things?

Are you paying attention to the "little" things?

In today’s online world, the hustle and bustle, the million and one distractions coming at our target audiences daily, you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospective customer or they are going to move onto something else, even your competition.

So my question to you is are you paying attention to the “little” things on your website to attract attention from your visitors that will get them to take the action you are expecting?

In this article, I reveal why you need to pay close attention to these small elements just like what happened for one of our clients.

This particular client was working at putting people into a “free” membership to be upgraded to a paying customer through their sales funnel.

On their landing page, they had a video explaining all the benefits of becoming a member.  Aside this video was a form that asked for username, password, name, and email.  The standard stuff. Including a call to action, telling the visitor what he wanted them to do.

The original call to action read something like this… “Fill Out The Form To Claim Your Free Account.”

We ran a simple A/B split test on the landing page on just the call to action.

Below is a screenshot of the actual call to action we tested against the original.


As you can see it was just a minor change.  Just a few words difference.  But the addition of the wording “100% Free” made a dramatic difference in the actual number of people who submitted the form.

A staggering 158% MORE people signed up for their free account.158increase100freenocredit

158.23% increase to be exact.  Instead of just under 6% of their visitors signing up they now had over 15% of their web visitors now were becoming members.  This was just from ONE page on their site.  It doesn’t take into account all the other pages in their funnel that were optimized over a few months.

So I go back to my question again.  Are you paying attention to the little things on your landing pages?

If not you could be missing out on a massive windfall of new prospects and customers.

Be diligent about your testing, constantly striving for improvement.  Paying close attention to even the little things.  The wording, the color scheme, button colors, the layout, all these things matter.  Remember you only have a few seconds to grab their attention so you need to make it count.

Test often, test everything and see what can happen to your cash flow and your top-line revenues.
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