How To 10X Your Business (Case Study)

How to 10X your business

For most businesses even a 10% increase in their sales could bring a huge impact to the top line revenue.
But what if you grew your customer base by 10 times what it currently is?  Doing such a thing is all but impossible.

In this article we are going to discuss the key variables of how to accomplish such a task just like we did with one customer.

Beauty Box 5, an online beauty supply sample company came to us with a conversion problem.  When we first started they were getting on average less than 40 customers per day, after some tweaks and some optimization we were able to bring that number up to over 400.  So how did we do it?

10x sales

  1. Tweaked the offer
  2. Tested traffic
  3. Relentless testing
  4. Optimized the entire process (reduced churn dramatically)

The result was, in a few short weeks, a growth from less than 40 sales per day to over 400.
Let’s break down the 4 elements of exactly how we are able to do it.

1.  Tweaking the offer

To accomplish this we needed to really find out what the customer wanted.  What triggered them to purchase.  Up until this point they had 3 different offers.  $12 per month, $30 per quarter, or $99 for the yearly membership.  We tested various elements.

  • Multiple new offers
  • Prices, different bundles, and even offering free bonus gifts
  • Discounts if they purchased an annual subscription
  • Time-sensitive offers
  • Free trials

You really need to think about how your offer is presented to the ideal customer and test pricing specifically. Price is often a huge determining factor in making a buying decision and what you think is a good price is often not the ideal price in the eye of your customer.  You need to entice them with different pricing, bonuses, bundles, and do it enough times until you find something that people can get really excited about.

2.  Finding the right audience through targeted traffic

To grow Beauty Box 5 we started with a broad audience, obviously focusing on women in this case appealing to those interested in beauty and cosmetics.  Then we narrowed down the focus by interest, age, education, buying habits, and country until we found the sweet spot of the target audience.  During this process we were mindful as to not overdo it on the targeting as to limit us on future scalability.  We wanted to narrow it enough that we could acquire customers at a low acquisition cost, but not narrow it too far that we couldn’t scale the traffic to bring in more customers.

The result in targeting traffic helped us bring down the acquisition cost from $80 to less than $10.
It is important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket with the source of your traffic.  You need to test all possible sources.  Facebook, Google, Pinterest, email, media buys, retargeting, affiliates just to name a few.

3.  Relentless Testing

In this case we tested DOZENS of different combinations.  Headlines, bullets, buttons, text, call to action, colors, and icons.  All tested to find the winning combination.  We like to call this process Kaizen which is Japanese for “Continuous Improvement”.

The result was an improvement of 12%-40% in the sales generated depending on the funnel they entered.  In this case their were two.  A personal funnel, or a gift funnel.

Through this relentless testing we found that winning combination that took more of our targeted traffic and turned them into customers.

The question to you is are you testing enough?

The end result…

A flood of new traffic to their offer that was targeted to the exact customer avatar they were looking for.  A continuous influx of new buyers, in this case over 400 per day.  An explosive 10X growth for the company.  Lastly, we gave the company control.  For a couple years they were stuck.  We gave them back control over the entire process from start to finish which proved to be a very profitable one for them.  The best part is that we were able to do this in just a few short weeks.

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