Can Removing Price From Your Landing Page Increase Conversions?

This may be a counter intuitive case study as it goes against the “norm” for most campaigns.

As you can tell by the title of this post we are discussing the removal of showing price on a landing page and how that affects the conversion rate.

You see this particular campaign was selling a unique device that solves a big problem in the market. They basically created the category and up until this test we had tested pretty much every element on the pages to push visitors further down the path to giving the product a test drive.

We put a huge emphasis on the benefits of the product, some of the key features, the ease of use, proof in the form of scientific studies and user testimonials, as well as the 30-day test drive they get with the money-back guarantee.

Overall we have seen a dramatic increase in visitor engagement and a steady increase in sales overall.
The latest test was done to not only increase sales but push visitors further into the sales channel to ultimately make the buying decision.

The test was basically removing the pricing on what we call the “buy now” page above the call to action button.

The step after they had customized their device.

The results of this were actually pretty shocking, to say the least, as we said, it goes against the “norm.”

Removing the price increased the click through to the actual cart page by 265.1%.  Which we are taking that more people were curious as to what the actual price of the device actually was, which is understandable.

Keep in mind that before seeing this page we had several micro-commitments from the visitor, we now need to push them over the edge.

In addition to the big increase in cart views, we also saw a decent increase in sales.

16.1% more people made a purchase as a result of removing the price.  Of course, by the looks of the numbers, we are losing quite a few people to cart abandonment which is something we are going to remedy in the upcoming tests.

Take a look at your own offers, think outside the box a little bit…  Does it make sense to put a little element of suspense in your marketing by removing the price?

I mean sites like and others use the “Click To See Price” or “Member Only Price” forcing people to click, login, or become a member.  Maybe it will work for your offer.

Test it out and let us know your results.

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