Multi-Step Or Single-Step Forms?

In a previous case study which you can find here, we took a look at streamlining and simplifying landing pages and how doing so increased conversions over 41%.

In this case study, we are going to look at the follow-up tests for that case study.
Forty-one percent is nothing to sneeze at but things can always be better so that is what we set out to accomplish in these tests.

Since we saw the improvement while simplifying the page we tested it across the 3 steps in the multi-step process making it more congruent in messaging and imagery which is our “New Form (Multi-Step).”

Since we also know from past tests that often times having a multi-step process can reduce conversions we decided to test another variation in this experiment which was a single step registration which is labeled “New Form (Single Step)”.

One of the best things about testing aside from the end results is the excitement of seeing what is going to have the biggest impact.  No matter how many tests we run we can often be hit with a little surprise at the results of an experiment.

Can you guess which one of the variations won?  The multi-step or the single step longer form?

Well, the new streamlined page leveraging the multiple steps improved the conversions over the control by 52.9%.  The single-step actually showed some nice improvement as well with a 40.3% increase over the control.

The single-step didn’t quite outperform the new multi-point process but is still a valid option which we will be testing on other paths and we may come back and test it again later on in this campaign because as the markets change so does what works better, thus the reason you need to constantly split test.

Based on just over 1100 visits per variation the new multi-step produced an additional 151 leads while the new single-step produced 91 additional leads over the control.

Based on the quality lead scoring by our client, we know that the increase has not impacted the quality of the leads coming in.

Take a look at your sales and lead generation process to see where you can streamline.  Make sure you are congruent in your message in each of the steps, and if you have a multi-step process try testing a single step to see what results you can achieve.

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