Can Simplifying Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates?

When looking at a conversion optimization plan and how to increase landing page conversion rates, sometimes the “little” incremental changes are simply not enough to move the needle improving results.

Sometimes you have to “reset” and design a completely different variation of your landing page if you want to see the big improvements we always shoot for.

In the case of this particular campaign that is precisely what needed to happen.
We had tested various smaller elements of the page but were only getting slight improvements. Although considering the volume of traffic on this campaign any improvement is good. But we are always looking for the bigger wins to really propel a campaign.

In this case study, we had to re-design the entire page, simplify it, and streamline the messaging in hopes to increase the landing page conversion rate.

The results were pretty impressive.


As you can see the original page was pretty busy, lots of links taking the visitor in different directions distracting from the main objective.

If you have been following us for any period of time you know that we like things simple and we shoot to remove friction points in a marketing process.

Here was really no exception.


In the test variation, we removed a bunch of elements. We cleaned up the menu bar to only contain the key elements.

We also added 4 customer testimonials and some additional “proof” elements to the bottom of the page.
Removing the distractions, simplifying the page, removing “step 2”, adding the proof elements, and putting more focus on the main objective of the page proved to increase the conversions on the page 41.2%

The main goal we were measuring here was the submission of step 2 of the process which was contained right within the page on the control and was on the second page in variation 1.

As you can see we had quite a few conversions recorded with the “cleaner” variation performing much better.
The control converted at just over 25% while variation 1 converted at 35.59%.

This basically means for every 1000 people visiting the control page would generate 252 leads while variation 1 would generate roughly 355 leads.  That is over 100 MORE leads from the same traffic.

Now that we have seen a nice bump in improvement we are now going to go back and test the incremental elements to really dial it in plus see what elements affect the conversions most.

Sometimes cleaner and more streamlined is better when looking to increase landing page conversion rate. Take a look at your own landing pages and look to see how you may be able to simplify things to improve your conversions.

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