How Featsocks Increased Their Subscription Sales Over 21%

Featsocks is an ecommerce site, that came to us to optimize their offerings and site. Some of the primary goals included enhancing the subscription purchasing experience, making the purchasing flow more intuitive for the users, and improving site speed.

Audience Profile

A lot of users driven to the site are coming through Facebook ads. Amanda our awesome lead UX designer and team used the data they target as well as demographics from google analytics in order to form the persona.
Dave, 24 is Featsocks’ bro-esque power-user. He mostly uses his phone for online shopping (72% of users), since Facebook and Instagram have been able to nail down his taste. His favorite other brands include Chubbies, Warby Parker, & Bonobos.

Prioritizing The Experiments

Experiments were prioritized in terms of executability, priority, as well as targeted areas. This has been an ongoing project, but for the purpose of this case study we’ll focus on two key experiments.

  • Experiment 1: Improving Mobile Navigation
  • Experiment 2: Redesigning “Mystery Box”

From looking at the heatmaps, we could tell that not many users were interacting with the search in its current formatting. The text was right aligned, and didn’t have a clear button for submission. For this test, we wanted to gauge whether people respond better to a more focused version (v2) or a more accessible one (v1), with both including placeholder text to help the users as a signifier.


This experiment ran for 14 days. Variation 1 with the winning had the following results:

  • Completed Order: 4.81% CVR (+18.73% improvement, 98.5% significance)
  • Viewed Cart: 14.09% CVR (+13.75% improvement, 99.9% significance)
  • Viewed Search Page: 3.75% CVR (+56.21% change, 100% significance)
  • Search Engagement: 4.38% CVR (+71.6% change, 100% significance)

Experiment 2: Restructuring and Consolidating

Basing on competitive analysis our UX crew led by Amanda opted to consolidate options from 6 different products and make them all available in a quiz style format– aiming to have the users get to their end goal quicker, as well as making it all more accessible.

Amanda also reworked the copy to make it a little more playful and conversational, to her dismay, it didn’t make the final cut (picture 2 below). The pricing dynamically populated based on their selections, a had a similar concept was in mind with the photos, but we ultimately ruled it as a bit too distracting for the user. Their selection method had been dropdown, and opted for something more tappable, eliminating clicks for the user.

Upon the development phase, we ran into an unforeseen error state that our dev and design crew tackled in the development phase phase. No Show Socks only comes in a 9 Pack, which was the first question in the series. We bandaged it by using the same talkative helper text, and disabling some buttons.

**CLICK HERE TO VIEW PAGE** (note: page may have changed as we continue to experiment)


This version will be iterated on in the near future in order to improve error states. Below are the results from the experiment that ran for 7 days.

  • Completed Orders: 2.33% CVR (+21% improvement, 99% confidence)
  • Views to Cart:  16.87% CVR (+64% improvement, 99% confidence)
  • Revenue Per Visitor: +19% improvement , 99% confidence

We are still iterating on these concepts as we continue to experiment.  Several more concepts are being tested right now to further the streamlining of the visitor journey to purchase.  Bottom line is you have to make it easier for your visitors to 1. find what they are looking for 2. Make a selection 3. Breeze through the process of making a purchase.

Our main goal with our services is to remove friction points, figure out what holds the most weight on the pages in the eyes of the visitors and lead them down the path of least resistance to the end goal of making a purchase, ultimately with a higher average order value.

If you would like to see where you are falling short in your site performance, reach out to us for a free, no obligation conversion analysis today!