Which Converts Better – Secret Or Transparent Rebill Pricing On A Free Trial?

Based on countless tests we know that headlines and sub-headlines hold the brunt of the weight when it comes to conversions. They are the first thing the visitors sees when arriving on the page. If your headline (or sub-head) sucks, people won’t engage long enough to see the rest of your message.
This case study is yet another example, but we have taken this one a step further to actually test out pricing language within the sub-headline.
To set the stage this particular client (leader in their market) has a monthly subscription product leading off with a 30 day free trial.  The product is a digital product served up within a membership.
Up until our work they weren’t actually revealing the price within their sales message much if at all, which has worked out well for them over the years, but can always be better.
This particular test we decided to test language around the sub-headline revealing the price and the benefits of the trial.
The control (which I for some reason wasn’t able to grab a screen shot read) “Get Unlimited Access To The Interactive Digital Edition 100% Free For 30 Days”.  Notice there was no mention of rebill price

Header 1

Header 2
Header 2

Header 3

(Note: We blocked out a portion of two of the sub-heads above as to not reveal the exact product name per requested by our client)
We ran this test with even traffic between the 3 variations and the control and the results have been pretty staggering thus far.
The 3 variations all revealed the price in addition to the “100% Free For 30 Days” and here are the results…
This particular checkout process has several steps and we are tracking two separate goals.  One being those that continue to step 2 and those that actually sign up for the trial (complete the purchase).
Rebill Header #1 increased those that continued to step 2 by 16.3% and increased successful purchases by 96.7%
Rebill Header #2 increased step 2 by 33.1% and successful purchase by 119.5%
Rebill Header #3 increased step 2 engagement by 50.8% and successful purchase by 162.9%
Pretty shocking right?
Just being transparent in what the price was going to be upon rebill as to not “hide” anything increased the results dramatically.
These results have been pretty consistent since the kick off of the test.  We still have a little bit of time left to declare a true winner but we are liking the results so far.
It always amazes us at just how much impact the slightest changes can have on sales.
The lesson here is be transparent in your message with your audience.  Try revealing the rebill price if you are doing continuity products.
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