8 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Ecommerce Store (Part 3 Of 3)

Here we are again with the 3rd and final video in our series of “Effective Ways To Optimize Your E-Commerce Store”.
You can check out video 1 here and video 2 here.
Today we have 8 more ways to increase the conversion rate on your e-commerce store.
1. Show what’s in the cart
Don’t just say “You have 2 Items In Your Cart” actually show what they have in the cart and urge them to continue to checkout.
2. Make registering for an account optional
Don’t force registration.  Allow visitors to checkout as a guest.  You will have a much higher checkout rate if you don’t force the registration.
3. Add reviews to your products.
This is surprisingly an under utilized resource.  Leverage the reviews on your products, if you don’t have them replace them with customer testimonials.
4. Offer a related product as upsell
Offer complimentary or premium upgrades upon checkout either as a one click option after the purchase or during checkout.  Make sure you are offering COMPLIMENTARY and not un-related products.
5. Clear, big call-to-action buttons.
How can you expect your visitors to click on the button you want if it blends in with the rest of the page?  Lead your visitors down the path you want them to take via the color of the buttons.  Make them contrast to the rest of the page and be sure to make them stand out keeping the path congruent from page to page.
6. Let people back-order and pre-order if you’re out of stock.
Don’t just put an “Out Of Stock” notice on a product.  Your visitors want to buy, so let them.  Just be sure to give them a timeframe as to when they can get the product if they pre-order or backorder.
7. Use usertesting.com to get feedback.
We call this the “Grandma” or “8 year old” test.  Let unbiased users test out your store.  15-20 of them are going to find 99% of the bottlenecks you have in your process.
8. Run retargeting ads on items they viewed or added to cart but failed to purchase.
This is a great way to bring people back to buy.  Make sure your ads are compelling and possibly offering a discount or something time-sensitive to get them back.
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