Don’t Just Assume, Tell Your Visitors Instead

Assumptions are one of the biggest things that can make or break a marketing campaign.  With that, we can’t simply assume that our website visitors know what it is they need to do when they arrive on our sites.  For that, we must tell them what we want them to do.

Today we look at a specific case study on how important the right language is when telling our visitors what to do, better known as our Call To Action.

We put so much emphasis on our main marketing message that we often fail to look at the obvious areas of improvement. You need to lead your visitors down the path of least resistance to the end goal you want them to reach. This may seem obvious but it is often overlooked.

Don’t Just Assume, Tell Your Visitors Instead

You need to tell them what to do every step of the way…

“Fill Out The Form To Get X”
“Click The Add To Cart Button Now”

“Fill Out The 100% Secure Order Form Now”

…You get the idea.

Test it out.  Instead of simply saying “shopping cart” at the top of your checkout page, try saying something like…  “Fill Out The 100% Secure Order Form Below Now To Get X”.

Hold their hand and lead them to where you want them to go.

But all the simplicity aside, how does the language you use impact the conversions on-page?

For one example, we have a company that has a lead generation campaign set up to generate leads and quotes for their products.  This is their main sales driver.

We had done a bunch of work around the layout of the form and the messaging, including colors, but recently we tested the actual language in the call to action.

We had limited space so had to make an impact.

The original variation simply stated. “Get A Free Quote.”

Version A was a simple statement… “Contact Us Today!”

The final two variations stated “Get Pricing Now!” and “100% Free Quote!”

Not the strongest language but given the limited space we were simply looking to see what types of language the visitors responded to more which will lead to additional tests surrounding the form and call to action.

Do you have any idea which of these variations came out as the winner?


Contact Us, converted at 66.3% better than the original, 100% Free converted at 35.5% better and Get Pricing Now converted at 13.6%.

Some interesting findings here are that adding triggers like 100% increased the form submissions.  While the simplest of calls to action with “Contact Us Today!” converted much higher than any of the other variations.

Just goes to show you that the simplest of changes can have a BIG impact on the conversions and how visitors perceive a page.

What areas of your pages can you simplify and make your message much clearer?

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