Boost Ecommerce Conversions With This One Trick

If you have an ecommerce store you may enjoy this little trick that helped one company boost conversions over 84%.  It is quite simple and is based on the philosophy of showcasing your products.
Potential customers want to know what they are buying and as a result, you need to showcase your product, put it in the minds of your store visitors what it will be like if they actually owned it.  Similar to if they would enter a retail store and want to try on a product.  Touch and feel it and experience the product first hand.

Of course online we can’t quite allow our potential customers to touch and feel the product, but we can give them a better experience.

Boost Ecommerce Conversions With This One Trick

The trick we are referring to is to simply allow your visitors the opportunity to get a closer look at the product images by being able to zoom in.  It’s subtle but it is effective.

This allows your potential customers to get a better experience of the product before making a buying decision.  A closer look at the quality of the product in question and will help you boost ecommerce conversions as a result.  Who doesn’t want higher conversions?

The original version (pictured above) doesn’t have the zoom functionality enabled.  It is simply a series of images showcasing the product on a model from different angles.

The slight change applied to boost ecommerce conversions, in this case, was the simple zoom function.

The zoom function is simple.  Once the image is selected from the right, all the visitor has to do is run their mouse over the image to get a closer look.

The results were actually quite impressive and helped to dramatically improve the conversions.
In fact, it helped this particular store boost ecommerce conversions 84.7%.

They also experienced an increase of 2% in products being added to the cart, 24% more people reaching checkout step 1, 40.7% increase in potential customers reaching checkout step 2, 58.3% increase in views on checkout step 3, and a 14% increase in actual cart views.

Can’t really complain about that considering it is a simple addition to any ecommerce store.

The big question is are you effectively showcasing your products and allowing your visitors to get a closer look to entice them to make a buying decision?

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