Does Conversion Rate Optimization Ever Stop?

You set up a few split tests, get a few quick wins, work on your user experience a little and see some improvement.

The problem?  Well, the problem is that most companies STOP the conversion rate optimization process after seeing some gains.

We aren’t just talking about small companies either.  Companies of all sizes including those with big marketing teams don’t continually try to optimize their offers, lead generation, sales, and processes…

This brings us to today’s question and that is…  “Does conversion rate optimization ever stop?”

It only stops if you don’t like more revenue and profits.

Markets are constantly changing and in order to keep a competitive advantage, you have to continually be working to improve your results.  If you don’t do it then your competition will.

We have a saying and that is we constantly shoot for 100% conversion rate and until we hit it we aren’t done and neither should you.

Every touchpoint in your digital marketing efforts can be optimized and the minute you stop trying to improve those touchpoints is the minute you start leaving money on the table.

We have worked on optimizing a single campaign continually for more than two years and still managed to find things to improve upon that brought conversions, revenue, AOV, and profits up.

Your ads can always be better.  Your landing pages could always convey your message better.  Your value proposition and offer could always be stronger.  A better headline can always be tested. Upsells, cross-sells, downsells could always be improved.  The retention rate can always be better.  You could capture more lost sales after they abandon their carts. The list goes on and on.

Think about your own sales and marketing channels and what areas you could be improving…

Think about what just a 10% increase in your lead generation conversions would do for your company…  then think about if 10% more of your leads made a purchase… and then if your AOV went up 10%.

This conversion rate optimization never stops as you roll out new products, try new traffic sources, create new offers, and continually grow.

Optimization is the single most profitable thing you can do for your business.

We have seen it do everything from improving a “small” company’s daily sales from 40 to over 400, to doubling the lead generation efforts for a $50 million dollar company, to reviving a $100 million dollar, 30-year-old company’s “declining” product where the company had tried everything and then was able to double their average sales… All thanks to continued conversion rate optimization.

So does conversion rate optimization ever stop?  Again we say it only stops if you don’t like more revenue and profits.

What areas of your site, sales funnels, traffic sources, and other touch points can you improve?

Not sure?  Let us point you in the right direction, just contact us for a no-obligation conversion acceleration session.

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