Reduce Your Free-Trial Length To Double Your Conversion Rate

Today we have something quite interesting and further proof that you can’t assume anything and should test everything.

A friend of ours here at Conversion Fanatics shared some crazy test results with us the other day that we thought you could benefit from and is something we have tested in the past as well.

He is the CMO of a prominent health/wellness/supplement company that offers a free trial into their “program” as the lowest barrier to entry.

Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that a “longer” free trial period would be better right?  It provides more value, less risk on the customer, and just makes sense.

What would you rather have before you had to actually pay?  7, 10, 14, 30 days to test it out?

Of course, this weighs heavily on what you are selling as if selling a physical product a 10-day trial may not be enough due to shipping and fulfillment.  You may run into issues of the trial expiring before the customer has even had a chance to touch the product.

In this particular case, our friends were running a 30-day free trial and it was working remarkably well for them producing thousands of new “customers” each and every month.

Because their company shares a similar philosophy to ours in that you need to continually improve they decided to test how their visitors would respond to a shorter trial period.  In this case, they went with a 15 day trial vs. a full 30 days.

The results?

The results are pretty staggering in that the 15-day trial is producing over 90% more free trial signups over the 30-day trial.

So cutting the trial length in half is resulting in almost double the signups.  Shocking right?

A few thoughts on why this may be happening.  Considering the industry this company is in, the customers want faster, easier, and better.

So a shorter trial could be conveying that it only takes “15 days” to see the benefits/results = faster and easier.
While a 30-day trial could be conveying that it takes a little more effort.  Regardless of the reason, the results are pretty impressive.

We are actually going to be helping them in the near future expand their conversion rates even more but in the meantime I have urged them, due to these results, to test out 7, 10, and 14-day trials to see how that affects the numbers.

Additionally, after the trial members are billed automatically as part of the program and they plan on testing double the price in the next couple weeks which should be interesting.

Do you have a free trial?  Have you tested the length of your trial?  If not, then this should spark a little fire for you to test it out for yourself.

You just may be surprised at the results.  Heck, you may even find it doubles your sign up rate too.

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