Change Your Mobile Menu To Improve Conversion Rates

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

More and more people are leveraging their mobile devices to make buying decisions and some companies even experience 75%+ of their sales coming from mobile.  To ignore your mobile experience would be doing your business a major disservice.
Buyers shop differently on mobile than they do on desktop, so simply having a mobile responsive version of the site may not be enough. This includes things like how images are loaded, navigation, placement of calls to action, length of page etc.

Today we are going to take a look at a quick case study where the navigation was streamlined and organized to make the mobile experience easier for the visitors.

The original mobile page had the logo centered at the top and all the links to the various pages on the site visible. The formatting is a bit off due to the responsive nature of the page.

In an effort to streamline we changed the navigation to what is visible below.

We moved the logo to the left of the page and consolidated the menu into a more mobile friendly dropdown.
Mobile visitors are used to this typically as it is somewhat of a common practice.

In this case, we showed some substantial improvements from just a small change.

After 486 sales with the new navigation we shoed an increase in revenue per visitor of 95% and 4% increase in visits to the order page.

We saw click throughs to the product page increase by 21% and 6% increase in clicks on the order button.

Lastly we showed improvements of 68% that visited the upsell page and a 76% increase in completed orders.

Just a simple change that took away some distractions from the main purpose of the page and streamlined the mobile experience a little resulted in a massive improvement for this particular company.

The question is…  where can you improve your mobile experience?  Need help finding some areas to focus on?

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