Make These Changes To Your Product Detail Pages To Increase Checkouts

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

In any e-commerce store the product detail pages are a crucial part of the process to gaining more customers. It’s where your visitors make the buying decision, or at least one of them.

Online we don’t have the luxury of customers being able to try on the product so we need to virtually give them the experience of touching, feeling and trying on the product.  It is important on your product detail page that you make it completely seamless for the new potential customer to quickly make selections and then push them to the next step of making a purchase.
Today we are going to look at a specific example of several changes to a product detail page that had a massive improvement on not only revenue but overall checkout conversions.

The original page (pictured above) was a bit cluttered and they have a weird dual scroll feature that made it complicated to consume the information on the page and get to know what they were actually looking at.

We made several changes to the page… including putting the images in more of a carousel, adding an image zoom function, reducing the product description length, highlighting size and quantity options and bringing up the product reviews section.

As you can see above, the changes were actually quite subtle but the page was much easier to consume and flowed so much better on desktop and mobile making it really easy to see what they were buying and make the selection.

The results though weren’t as subtle.

Due to these changes we saw a 16% increase in orders, 15% increase in visits to the checkout page, 17% increase in revenue and 10% increase in visits to the cart page.

Now you may be thinking…  you made several changes, how do you know which change had the most impact.
Well sometimes in testing you have to make several changes at once to get a bigger impact.  You can then go back and test the various element changes individually so you can understand what actually had the biggest impact.  This is precisely what we are doing following this test.

So what areas of your e-commerce product detail pages can you modify to make it easier for your visitors to experience your product and make a simple buying decision?

Test them and let us know the results.