Remove Friction To Increase Conversions

Today we talk all about friction and how it relates to your conversions. More importantly, how removing friction points can help increase conversions.

When we talk about friction what we are referring to are the roadblocks or bottlenecks that are causing your website visitors to not be able to get what it is that they came to your site for or what is standing in their way from taking the desired action that you want them to take.

This could be a checkout process, demo request process, free-trial process, or even a basic lead-generation process.

Whatever It Is, You Need To Remove It To Help Increase Conversions.

The first step in find out how to remove friction to increase conversions is to simply find out where your visitors are going on your site, where they are entering, and where they are falling off. To do this you need to look at your analytics as well as deploy additional tools such as Crazy Egg or Hotjar for heat and click mapping.

This helps you uncover where your visitors are at, what they are paying attention to most and what they are ignoring on your site.

Once you have this data you can then look for obstacles on your site that may be standing in your visitors’ way such as a 3 step checkout process. Test removing a step to increase conversions.

Remove distractions such as multiple calls to action and confusing menu bars.  Don’t make your visitors jump through hoops to find the information they are looking for.  By being clear and concise with your message on a single landing page you can most certainly increase conversions.

Simply list out what it is, what it will do, and how to get it.  Adding additional elements only leads to confusion and the mentioned friction in your process.

What is holding your visitors back from doing what it is that you want them to do?  Find that and you will increase conversions.  Remember what makes sense to you might not always make sense to your target audience.

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