Need To Hire A CRO Specialist? Here Are The Qualities To Look For

Conversion rate optimization is as much an art as it is a science. Accordingly, experience is one of the main factors that separates a trusted, professional CRO specialist from an amateur.

There is no conversion rate optimization major people can pursue in school. There is no CRO degree people can get to show they’re knowledgeable and skilled in this particular field.

Rather, a CRO specialist becomes an expert by conducting a multitude of tests and working with a variety of clients.

Beyond experience, though, when it comes to the question of how to choose the right digital marketing agency and CRO specialist, what other qualities and skills should you look for? 

The Right CRO Specialist Should Be Analytical.

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When assessing digital marketing agencies and CRO specialists, you should look for people who have an analytical mindset. Look for people who rely on logic and evidence when making decisions and those who are comfortable with numbers.

Also, look for people who are user-driven and data-driven (both qualitative and quantitative) and those who have a solid understanding of statistics, including the importance of representative samples.

They Should Be Methodical And Detail-Oriented.

Successful conversion rate optimization isn’t a bunch of random tweaks and tests, trial by error, and it isn’t a  checklist of tactics. Successful CRO involves logical, organized, and methodical systems and processes. And the  right CRO specialist should exemplify this approach.

And with their systems and processes, a CRO specialist should be ultra detail-oriented, from analytics to design. At the same time, though, a CRO specialist should be able to see how all the details fit into the biggest picture and a business’s long-term goals.

They Should Be Familiar With Design And UX.

CRO specialists don’t need to be experts at design theory. But they should be informed and they should be able to tell which design elements are working and which need improvement.

A website’s design factors into UX a lot. And good CRO specialists need to have an eye for friction points in a website’s design and know how to use data to test solutions.

They Should Show A Willingness To Learn And Improve.

Continuous improvement - Kaizen

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Optimization is an ongoing process. Nothing is ever “fully optimized.” And work that was done in the past may need to be redone in the future. Accordingly, a CRO specialist needs to have the tenacity to continually learn, try, and make improvements, and they should never settle for “good enough.”

Questions To Ask During The Hiring Process:

To help gauge whether a person has the aforementioned qualities and skill sets, use the list of questions below as a launching pad:

  • How would you begin to optimize my website?
  • What roles do qualitative and quantitative data play during your optimization process?
  • What is your process for coming up with test ideas?
  • How do you prioritize your tests?
  • How do you determine when to stop your tests?
  • What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to web design and UX?
  • What have been some of the most surprising outcomes of tests you’ve run?

Figuring out how to choose the right digital marketing agency and CRO specialist can be tough. The best CRO specialists combine process, perseverance, creativity, and data. So take your time, and make sure the person or digital marketing agency you hire is the right fit. Experience is key. Look at reviews and testimonials whenever possible to help inform your decision.

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