Is It A Good Idea To Display Per Unit Or Savings Details?

In marketing, we want to make sure we leverage just about every area we can to increase the perceived value of our products/services. Showcasing discounts or best value options is one way. But we want to shed some light on why it may not be such a good idea.

Is it a good idea to display per unit or savings details?

Here we have a company that sells a product in massive quantities, a tangible product shipped to their customers.

In an effort to find out what really matters to the visitors on their site in terms of making a buying decision we decided to test the language used to highlight discounts as they increase the quantity of their order.


Above is the image of the original pricing structure during the order process.  As you can see they highlighted the savings as you increased the quantity of the order.

We tested two additional variations one being the price per unit and the other without any additional display of price or discount.

Per Unit information pictured above.

And finally, the variation that had nothing displayed with the discount or the per unit pricing.

Do you have any idea which of the variations proved to be the winner?

Well, the results are actually quite interesting.

The highlight of the price per unit converted 12.9% better than the control (original with discount) while the variation without any additional language converted at 25.1% better than the control.

So what this tells us is the customers are more interested in the unit price over the savings by buying more and even more so interested in just the quantity and pricing being displayed.

We will take this information and create additional tests to highlight the potential best value and put more emphasis on the actual checkout and ordering process.

This process of going through everything has also revealed some additional friction points that visitors may be faced with.

Are you showcasing your value proposition and best value options? You may want to test it.

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