Increase Click Through Rate – Add This To Increase 1479%

In online marketing, it is important that you increase click-through rates not only on your ads but also on your landing pages.  When you increase click-through rate you get more people to see your offer and more people to take the desired action that you want them to take.

But how do you increase click-through rate?  Today we are going to look at one on-site example and how one little change increased the click-through rate for one company 1479%.

Increase Click Through Rate – Do This To Increase 1479%

So what is the little trick that can help you increase click-through rate?  We are talking about increasing the level of mystery and intrigue surrounding your offering.  Particularly focusing on the call to action.

By adding a level of mystery to your ads and on-site message, visitors are left with curiosity as to what is on the next page.  This works on many different levels and in all areas of your marketing but let’s take a look at how it worked for this company.

The goal for this campaign was to increase click-through rate on the landing page, pushing more visitors to the next step, ultimately to make a buying decision.

The first step in the process is to answer a series of short questions to customize your order.  This is a physical product shipped to customers for a specific need so the element of customization is necessary.  On the control version after they have made their selection the price is revealed, highlighting a special discount, and they are then instructed to click the button.

On the test variation, we removed the “discounted price” and added the following language.

There was, up until this point, some friction in this step in getting visitors to actually move to the next step which is the checkout page.  We felt that adding a level of mystery to the discount to entice them to click through to the next step would be worthy of a test and we were right.


Visitors who took the time to customize using the questions clicked through to the next page 1479.6% more when we told them to add to cart to reveal their discount.

What would it look like for you if you were able to increase click-through rate by almost 1500%?  1500% more people taking the desired action you want them to take?

It is still a bit early in our experiments to show the direct impact on sales but the numbers are looking good.  We are one step closer by removing this bottleneck to some overall massive improvements.

What areas can you add a little mystery to your offer that will increase click-through rate?  Test it out on your ads and your landing pages to see what improvements you can get. You might just be surprised at the results.

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