How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

You spend a good bit of time effort and money getting people to your sites, engage in your message, and maybe even make some micro commitments but what good is your effort if your visitors don’t take the leap over the edge to become a customer?
You may find that 70%+ of  the people abandon the shopping cart before making a purchase (The % doesn’t matter, all that matters is more people make a purchase).  This is a common problem.  Lucky for you we have a few solutions.
1.  Make sure you continue selling
Don’t just expect your visitors to fill out the order form, you need to continue selling the benefits on the shopping cart page itself.  List out benefit bullets, images of the product to remind them again what they are getting.
2.  Keep it clean
Remove distractions from the page such as menu links or other elements that can take their attention from the task at hand.  Another way is to have your cart automatically recognize the credit card instead of having them choose.  The simpler the process the better.
3.  Progress bars and other images
Use progress bars to let them know how many steps there are in the process, use secure seals to show you are a safe merchant, and leverage testimonials to continue the selling process.
4.  Use video
Leverage a video on the page that tells them more about you, the benefits of the product, guarantee information, how to contact you should they have questions, and tell them to fill out the secure order form.
5.  Step one email
If you have a multi point process, try to get at least an email first so you can email them an abandon cart sequence should they leave without making a purchase.
6.  Exit warnings
This works particularly well if you have a special offer.  When the visitor goes to leave, give them a warning that they may be missing out on this special offer.  You don’t need to take them off the page, you simply need to warn them that they will be missing out.
These are just a few ways you can dramatically reduce abandon carts and increase sales.
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