How Images Affect The Results In Website Split-Testing

When doing website split testing it is touch to ignore the impact that images have on conversion rates.  We have dozens of case study examples of massive improvement from just changing the images on a site.  After all the images allow your visitors to better visualize the experience they are going to have with your product or service.

When you are doing website split testing and looking for a nice little bump in conversions, take a look at your images.

Today we are going to look at another real-world example of just how much impact images can have.
Advertorials have become increasingly popular in generating leads and customers for the fact that they educate the visitors before they ever see your true marketing message.  An advertorial is basically a news article discussing the benefits of your product.  The reason they have become so popular is that they work.

So How Do Images Affect Website Split-Testing?

In this case study the company was looking to improve the conversions on an advertorial for a product with the target audience being men ages 35-60.

Since advertorials are made up of mostly text and usually only a couple of images were one thing they tested.
These images are simply embedded toward the top right of the article page.
The control image (pictured above) covers the “science” behind the product and doesn’t really reflect the “experience” of the product.
control 1
Version A (pictured above) shows a bit more “experience” with the product.  A loving couple with a male figure in our target audience smiling.
Version B (pictured above) shows a couple in more of an intimate setting.  Sex sells and in this particular market and for this product, this image fits perfectly.

So when doing this website split testing, just how much did the change in images affect the conversion rates. You actually may be surprised at the results.
controlimageresultVersion A actually converted an even 100% less than the scientific control image.  While version B increased conversions a staggering 183.3%.

One image change and thanks to website split testing this company now has a massive improvement in their conversions.

Sometimes we are almost shocked by how much of a difference small site changes through website split testing and optimization can make in termsof massive improvements.

So to ask the question again…  How much can images affect the results in website split testing?  The answer is A TON.

If you aren’t testing images then you are missing out on some massive improvement opportunities.

No image is off-limits either with website split testing.  They aren’t just limited to advertorials.

Home page header images, landing pages, contact pages, feature pages, and pretty much any page that gets visitors is open for image testing.  If you don’t have images on the page, try testing some.  You can even test removing them altogether.

No matter what when doing website split testing you need to test your images.

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