[Case Study] 64% Increase In E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Hey there! Justin Christianson here, the co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics. And I want to share a small case study example with you on how to increase ecommerce conversion rates.

Here at Conversion Fanatics, we’ve helped dozens of top companies improve their conversion effectiveness. And chances are, if you have an ecommerce store, you’re probably leveraging something akin to Amazon’s “recommended products.”

Using Amazon as an example…Amazon constantly recommends additional products to customers, saying things like “people who viewed this product also viewed this other product.”Amazon also shows products frequently bought together. Amazon does all sorts of things, really, to get customers engaged in the shopping experience.

If you use Shopify, there are many plugins that enable you to do this sort of thing as well. But in the case of one of our clients, they were way overdoing it.

They were cluttering up their page really badly. You’d go in to view one product and be slammed  with images of nine to twelve other products to purchase, and the images were big too. The page looked terrible, especially on mobile. It was hard to navigate, hard to discern. It was overwhelming for visitors.

Showing visitors a few recommended products can be advantageous, but you definitely don’t want to show them every single other item you have in a particular category, especially when you have thousands of SKUs as this one client did.

To remedy our client’s situation, we streamlined the recommended product details by removing the images. We cut twelve recommended products down to five. And we put it in a carousel, making it easy for visitors to see only five products at a time. The results were staggering.

The client’s sales conversions increased by 64%. Their revenue per visitor went up a whopping 151%. And their average order value went from $246 to $359, all because we helped lead their visitors down a better path, one that didn’t overwhelm them with options and one that let them choose what was best for them. The results really do speak for themselves.

So I encourage you to test and leverage your recommended product section. And if you want help finding key problem areas you should test, if you’re unsure where to start, or if you’re running out of ideas and bandwidth to make things happen, Conversion Fanatics is here to help.

Request your free, in-depth, conversion analysis, during which we dive deep into your analytics, comb through your site and user journey, and use our best-practices after conducting thousands of marketing experiments to give you an eight- or nine-page report that’s specific to your business and data. Then, you can take that report and run with it, or you can hire us to do it all for you for less than the cost of a decent developer.

Hopefully you enjoyed this case study. Talk to you again soon.