Add This Banner To Increase Revenue Per Visitor 70.5%

Of course, as professional marketers, we strive to maximize average revenue per visitor.  For many companies, this is a BIG KPI they shoot for.  The more our customers spend with us the more money we make and the bigger our profit margins become.

Today we are going to take a look at a specific test conducted for an ecommerce company selling electronics/accessories.  Specifically, we will take a look at how adding a single element to the checkout process helped increase their revenue per visitor more than 70%.

So what is this magic banner that helped this company achieve such massive improvements?

This company offers quantity discounts if you order 10 or more. Since most customers who purchase, buy more than one anyway, this banner makes sense.  Immediately after a customer adds a product to their cart, they are presented with a banner stating that the product was added to their cart and that if they add more they can take advantage of bigger savings.

Consider this an alternative to “Those Who Bought, also bought” messaging to entice visitors to buy more than one product.  Of course, this could be done in that scenario as well, simply show several of your “additional” products and offer a discount.

This test has run for 6 days and has received just over 1000 unique visitors per variation.  We have a little more time to conclude this as a successful test but the early results have shown promise and have stayed steady as the test has been running.

The results?

Revenue (top metric) shows a 70.5% increase in the actual revenue per visitor taking it from $9.79 per visitor to $16.69.

The bottom result shows the actual product checkout.  Not only do customers spend more but the banner also resulted in 60.6% more people so far completing their order.

We will be sure to update you as there are any additional findings.

If you are looking for ways to increase revenue per visitor, then this may be a viable test to run for yourself.

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