8 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Ecommerce Store (Part 2 of 3)

Here is a continuation of our previous video located here where we revealed 6 ways to optimize your e-commerce store.
Today we are going to reveal 8 more effective ways to optimize your e-commerce store and bring some credibility to you even if you are an unknown brand.
1. Highlight contact information
If you have a relatively unknown store the credibility and trust might not be there. To remedy this, be sure to highlight your contact information clearly within the header or other places that are visible. Avoid keeping it in the footer as not many really look there.
2. Progress bars
Don’t underestimate the power of a progress bar. Visitors want to know where they are in the process.
3. Objections
Highlight frequently asked questions or any other objections someone may have in the decision to buy from you or not. Things like… “Can I return it if it doesn’t fit?” and “How fast will my order ship?” Handle these on the product page to eliminate any questions in the buying process.
4. Don’t limit how to pay
Make sure you offer multiple payment options such as all 4 major credit cards. The cost of accepting american express will be far out-weighed by the increase in conversions. Offer any form you can to pay you.  If you sell on Amazon as well as your store, use exit intent offers to give them a chance to buy on Amazon.
5.  Use Taglines
If you have a tagline such as “Selling Luxury Since 1975” use it.  If you have 25,173 happy customers, highlight that as well.  This brings another level of credibility to your online store.
6.  Search bar drop down menu
Add a drop down to your search bar that makes it easy for people to find the products they want.  Think of Google here and how they try to predict your search keywords.
7.  Filter your categories
Allow users to breakdown their search with filters.  Think of wine or buying a car online.  They give you options to break down by brand, color, type etc…
8.  Easy billing forms
Include a checkbox for shipping information.  This will limit the amount of form fields and if they want to enter a separate shipping address they can check a box to bring up the fields to enter it.  As well be sure you have images of the CVV code and what it is.  You can take it a step further and use “checkmark” hovers to bring up more information about what you are looking for.
These are some simple things you can test to improve your overall user experience as well as bring up your conversion rates.  We will cover the final 8 in this series on video number 3.
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