Will Showing Fewer Products In Your Store Improve Conversions?

If you follow our blog at all you know that our philosophy for conversion optimization is to basically create a better shopping experience for the website visitor. It’s important to allow them to easily find what they are looking for and lead them down a path to the end goal of making a purchase.

Here we have a good example of reducing overwhelm for the visitors which resulted in a hefty increase in some key metrics.

This particular company sells skincare products. The original catalog page had 4 products listed on each row and had some mis-alignment of pricing and calls to action.  This resulted in a bit of overwhelm for the visitor and an inconsistent shopping experience.

What we tested was removing one of the products from each row, aligning the calls to action, increasing the product image size and organized the product listings by most popular products.

This resulted in a cleaner feel to the site and a more uniform shopping experience.

The results?

With these changes it resulted in 20% increase in conversion rate from 11.54% to 13.87% and an increase in revenue per visitor of 40% from $16.44 to $22.98.  We also showed an increase in overall revenue by 13.87%, visits to checkout increased 19.22% and visits to cart by 8%.

Overall the experience is better along with the engagement on the site all by showing them fewer options in the shopping experience.

The question is…  where can you make your shopping experience easier for visitors?