Why we haven’t posted in a while

Well where to begin… it has been a minute since we actually updated the blog with new posts, let alone post any of the MANY case studies we have…

But why?

Well the short answer is we have been busy.

The long answer is we have been busy working on making our services the best they can be and to massively deliver for our many clients.

While we love sharing great content, throwing out the latest of what is working and what isn’t and the amazing split test results… We would actually like to be DOING the work.

We get to show up every single day and help some of the most amazing companies in the world with their growth. Many of which have seen double and triple digit MONTH over MONTH growth this year. Crazy I know.

At any given time we have over 200 marketing experiments running and create 40+ new ones each and every week.

This doesn’t account for any of the actual analysis we do of all that juicy data we get to see.

So when I say busy, we are busy.

With that I apologize for not sharing more. That will change in the future. But we will always continue to put our client’s success first before sharing the latest and greatest.

If you are struggling to get the results improvement you are looking for then let’s chat to see if our team can help.

Results is kind of our thing.

Talk soon,