What Should You Split Test First?

In this video we talk about what you should test first.  Before we get directly into that we need to address something first.
Conversion rate optimization is more than just split testing buttons and colors.  Split testing is just a part of it.  You must first understand the user experience and the behavior of your visitors. Then simply put the appropriate message in front of the path they are taking.  Essentially giving them what they want.
One step we take that is extremely powerful is leveraging heat/click map software to find out what visitors are paying attention to the most.
An example of this was a client was trying to push visitors down a certain path and after analyzing where they were clicking and scrolling we found they were paying more attention to a different path.  Testing putting more emphasis on the path they wanted to go down increased lead generation by 5% which means quite a boost in their daily lead generation considering they already generate hundreds of leads daily.  This also resulted in a reduction of bounce rate on their site which was a problem area for some time.
Another example of using heat maps is we found visitors to a clients site were paying close attention to the best sellers on their e-commerce store.  Highlighting this section, which was a minor tweak, increased their online sales.
After we gather enough behavioral data we then actually look at testing incremental changes and base most of our beginning tests on the following 5 points.
1.  Benefits over features
You will hear us preach this quite a bit as it is vitally important.  Nobody likes features, they want to know what they are going to get as a result of making a purchase.  Lead with benefits over features and make sure you are leveraging the benefits on every page of your process as to continually sell your product or service every step of the way.
2.  Proof
Leverage proof elements such as testimonials, number of customers, guarantee details, and secure seals.  You have to give the visitors the warm and fuzzy feeling and again push them through to make a purchase.  Make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision.
3.  Images/Progress bars
Again we preach this a bunch but progress bars and images hold weight.  They want to know that it is a simple process and progress bars do that.  As well as making sure your other images through the process are leading with benefits first.  Show the inside of your product etc.
4.  Congruency
Make sure you have congruency in your process.  Make sure the buttons are the same color through the entire process in which you want the visitors to take.  Also make sure your message is congruent, don’t use different terminology from page to page.  May sound simple but it is a commonly overlooked aspect.
5.  Headlines and calls to action
Don’t just use language like “Buy Product X” lead with a benefit.  The same thing with calls to action.  Lead with a benefit statement and tell your visitors what to do.  Don’t just assume they know how to proceed.
These are just a few powerful tips to point you in the right direction on what to split test first.
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