What Do You Do With People Who Leave Your Site?

What do you do with people who leave your site?

We all know that the majority of the people who visit our website are going to leave without taking the action we want them to. Whether that be filling out a form to become a lead or the end goal, give us money.

As website owners we are on a never ending quest to increase the rate of people who take the desired action (if you aren’t, shame on you).  After all we put forth a ton of effort and money to get people to the site in the first place, might as well make the most of it!

So the BIG question is how do you increase the conversion rate?

Well there are dozens if not hundreds of ways.  Here at conversion fanatics we start with a 24 point checklist on improving conversions.

But one way, which will be highlighted here, is to try and save some of the visitors that are trying to leave your site and entice them into taking that ever so popular desired action.

Even when trying to “save” some of the visitors there are dozens of different methods you can implement.  Here we are only going to focus on one and the amazing results achieved with such a simple change.

One of our clients had a 30 day trial offer.  For just $1, you can try out the entire membership for a full 30 days. This was positioned as a special ONE TIME ONLY chance to get the special trial offer.  If they came back later they wouldn’t get the option.

Conversion rates were good, but since we are always striving for more, they could be better.

So we implemented an “exit warning” on the page that would warn the pending exit that they wouldn’t get a chance at the $1 trial again if they left.warning
Now I know you have seen exit pop ups before, that is unless you don’t spend even a minute looking at websites.
This one is a little different.  Instead of taking the visitor to another page, this warning loads and keeps the visitor on the same page.

As you can see, there is nothing fancy about it.  No fancy graphics or anything like that.  Just a simple script that loads some text, warning them that they will not have another chance to get the trial.

We ran a simple A/B test on this particular page.  One page had the exit warning and the other did not.

The result?
…31.82% improvement in conversions.

This means that almost 32% more people took the upgraded offer and took the trial.

What would your business do with 32% more customers?  Would it help?  I hope you are nodding your head in agreement.

There is actually more to this than just a “Trial” and increase in conversions.  The visitors were actually given more options to purchase.

The membership after the trial was $37 per month.  Visitors were also given the chance to save $10 per month if they just paid $27 that day and skipped the trial.  Or they also had the chance to buy out the entire year at an additional savings.

We knew that over 28% of the people took the $27 option (making more money day one) and 15% of people took the yearly option (again making more money day 1).

In reality this 32% increase yielded quite a bit of extra revenue collected day one for this particular business in addition to just the trial offers.

There you have it…  Just one simple way to INCREASE your conversion rate by trying to save the visitors that are looking to leave your site.

Take it, try it, test it, and come back here to report your findings.

If you would like to see how we may be able to work together to increase your conversions, schedule your mini strategy session by emailing us at inquiry@conversionfanatics.com