Want To Improve Your Conversion Rates? Try Creating A Storefront App

Ecommerce and online shopping habits have evolved a lot in recent years, especially when it comes to shopping on mobile devices (app commerce). Mobile innovations have made ecommerce more flexible and accessible for consumers.

And with sales made via smartphones experiencing an annual growth rate of 59% compared to desktop sales, which grow by only 17% each year, mobile innovations are paving the way for ecommerce’s continued upward trend.

As a result, businesses are strongly encouraged to have an omni-channel presence so consumers can interact with business and make purchases in a variety of ways: online, offline, and while on the go.

If businesses want to succeed in the current ecommerce climate, mobile optimization is a must. And there’s one strategy in particular that many businesses are adopting to increase their conversion rates and reshape the world of ecommerce. 

The Rise Of Storefront Apps

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People carry their smartphones with them wherever they go, unlike their laptops or desktops. Smartphone users check their devices frequently throughout the day, too—sometimes so often the behavior seems compulsive.

And a big part of their smartphone use involves apps. According to eMarketer, adults in the U.S. spend close to two hours a day using apps on their phones versus just nineteen minutes a day spent surfing the mobile web. In other words, when it comes to using mobile devices, people prefer apps (people also prefer apps to desktop browsing!).

So it’s no surprise, really, that “storefront apps” are an emerging trend aimed at better serving shoppers on the go.

Storefront apps best serve repeat customers, however, as consumers need to be willing to download an app and possibly set up an account. And people won’t necessarily want to do that for a company they’re unfamiliar with. Some people will be okay with it, though.

And anyone who’s willing to go through the trouble is likely to feel trusting enough to make a purchase. Furthermore, Poq Commerce found that “storefront apps outperform mobile web conversion rates by 40%, support longer browsing sessions than even desktop web browsers, and are twice as likely to drive repeat visits.”

There’s a lot to be said for storefront apps. They present huge opportunities for ecommerce businesses and brands to reach, authenticate, and track customers through app notifications. Apps can also provide customers with a more personalized mobile shopping experience and provide more informed, less pushy customer service.

How To Create Branded Mobile Apps

If you decide to make a mobile app for your business, Shopgate is a platform you should know about.

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This mobile commerce platform caters to businesses of all sizes and helps you make integrated, branded apps with an optimized interface, excellent user experience, and customized push notifications. Shopgate apps also include features such as mobile checkouts, coupons, QR scanners, and ad scanners for images.

More than 15,000 businesses in 5 countries use Shopgate. And according to the company’s LinkedIn page, Shopgate can increase businesses’ “mobile revenues by up to 900%.”

Here Are Some Of The Best Storefront Apps Available Now:

  • Starbucks
  • Sephora
  • Home Depot
  • Nordstrom

For as long as smartphones remain popular and in-demand so too will apps. So if you want to take your business to the next level this year, see if creating a storefront app makes sense for your business. Turning your website’s functions into app features is the way of the future with ecommerce.

What’s your opinion on storefront apps? Do you think app commerce holds potential for increasing your business’ conversion rates?