Use This Trip To Increase Mobile Conversions

More and more shoppers are using their mobile devices to make buying decisions online.  It is important that if you want to increase mobile conversion that you put at least some emphasis on the mobile experience.

Today we look at an example that helped one ecommerce store increase its results.

Use This Trick To Increase Mobile Conversions

Here we had one e-commerce company that was struggling a little on their mobile checkouts.  After digging into the data we noticed a few friction points during the mobile experience.  To make product selections the shopper needed to click several buttons to expand them in order to make their selection.  Things like size, color, etc.

In an effort to remove these friction points we ran an initial test that expanded all the available options essentially removing the click in order to make the selection.

Initial results showed extreme promise jumping out to an early lead with over 40% improvement but eventually tailed off and the new expanded version ended losing by a mere 4%.

Due to the early promise this test showed we decided to make some changes and test again.  This time only expanding some of the key elements and changing the styling a bit to be more user-friendly and to make another push to increase mobile conversions.

As you can see by the original (pictured above) there are several clicks in order to make your selection.

The new stylized/expanded version as you can see in the picture above makes it a bit easier to see your options.

The results of this little experiment to increase mobile conversions were just as we predicted they would be based on the results of the initial test conducted.

Completed purchases on mobile with this new stylized version increased mobile conversions 36.6%.

At the same time, it increased the revenue per visitor for this store from mobile purchases by 6.4%.

As you can see increasing the usability definitely helped in this case.  The easier you can make it and the less friction you can have in the process the better you will.  We have proven that in countless tests.

The more important lesson here is that just because one test didn’t necessarily win, you need to possibly look for ways to make it even better and test again.

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