Use These 5 Holiday-Inspired Marketing Techniques To Rev Your Ecommerce Sales

The holiday season has been rearing to go for well over a month. And now with Halloween gone by, people feel they have the green light to bust out the festive music and decorations and otherwise amp up the holiday spirit. Facebook feeds are now filled with posts like…

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And that means the thought of gift-giving has also begun permeating people’s minds. Of course, Christmas isn’t the only gift-giving holiday or event that happens this time of year.

October through December offers plenty of gift-giving and shopping opportunities for everyone, making it an ideal time for businesses to increase their sales using holiday marketing strategies.

Below, you’ll find five holiday-inspired marketing and promotion ideas to help your business fully capitalize on the season’s shopping fervor.

Do A Holiday Giveaway On Social Media

Everybody likes free stuff. So come up with an action or a series of actions you’d like your followers to take. For example, you could have people sign up for your list or you could post a photo and ask people to…

  1. Like the photo.
  2. Follow your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  3. Repost your photo, including a specific hashtag.

Then, everyone who completes the steps you lay out receives some type of giveaway. It could be a significant discount, a free upgrade or gift with purchase, or just something you give away entirely for free.

Show Your Loyal Customers Some Personalized Love

Identify your high-paying and most loyal repeat customers. Then, show these people your appreciation by sending them a free gift as a way of saying thanks and happy holidays.

You could actually mail your customers a physical product from your store or you could send them a gift certificate, redeemable via email.

Another idea is to mail all of your repeat customers a holiday postcard, perhaps including a festive photo of your team along with a coupon code.

“Small acts of personalized kindness towards your customers make a huge impact, and can strengthen the relationship, turning a happy customer into a brand advocate,” says Marot Da Cunha.

Run A Charitable Giving Campaign

People are more socially conscious than ever before. Accordingly, they love supporting businesses that give back. Research shows that the most consumers are more likely to trust and have a positive image of a product or company when it supports a social cause.

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So choose a cause or charity you love—there are plenty to choose from, including protecting the environment, putting a stop to child abuse and violence against women, and ending poverty, to name a few. Then, give customers the option of adding a donation to their purchase price.

Not only does this raise money for important causes, it also helps strengthen community ties. Plus, it instills a sense of trust in your customers about your company.

Offer Product Gift Bundles

Bundling products make shopping easier. Bundling products helps indecisive shoppers find coordinating products that meet a variety of tastes, styles, and preferences, making gift packages feel as though they were custom-picked for specific recipients.

You can create gift bundles according to certain price ranges (e.g. under $25, under $50, over $100), for certain people (e.g. spouses, parents, co-workers, best friends), or for certain types of people (e.g. fashionistas, movie buffs, foodies, book worms, wine lovers).

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Promote Holiday Gift Guides

Similarly, you could create and promote “Holiday Gift Guides” including 10-20 gift ideas aimed at specific people or meeting particular budgetary constraints. It isn’t always easy coming up with the perfect gift off the top of your head. So people often search for this type of helpful content around the holidays.

What to you think about these holiday marketing and promotion ideas? Can you suggest any others? Get in touch and let us know. We love hearing from you!