Stop Giving Your Visitors Options To Increase Your Conversions By 16.1%

In recent case studies we have discussed the value of giving your visitors options as it relates to conversion increases.  Too many options can lead to friction and that friction can lead to decreases in conversions.
You need to lead your visitors down a singular path to your end goal.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is…  generating leads, free trials, buying a product in your store, no matter what friction can reduce conversion rates.
In this case study we take a look again at removing friction to help boost, in this case contact requests for the sales department.
For the tests we wanted to see what impact the “sticky” factors of the page actually had on the overall form submissions.
This is a relatively high trafficked page on the site so any improvement is a big improvement.
The “sticky” elements in question were the button labels below the form leading to a “Free Trial”, “Live Demo”, and “Contact Us”.
Since this is basically the “end goal” path for one of their marketing objectives we tested the removal of these options as the reduce the number of options given to the visitor.
Nothing changed on the page other than removing these elements and the results are actually pretty cool so far.  This test, keep in mind, is not quite done running yet but it has held steady for a period of days.
16.1% improvement on this particular page which generates “full record” leads.
Instead of 11.11% they are now getting just shy of 13% submission.
Instead of for every 1000 visitors generating 111 leads they are now roughly generating 129 leads.  Which considering leads are worth quite a bit for this particular company this is a nice improvement.
So the big question is…  are you giving your visitors too many options which can deter them from taking a desired action?  We urge you to look for areas on your landing pages which can be causing friction to your visitors.
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