[Podcast] Optimize Everything and Become a Conversion Fanatic

If you’re not testing it, it’s not optimized.

That’s what our co-founder, Justin Christianson, had for advice to every business leader and marketer out there. A lot of companies collect data, but a very small percentage actually do something with that data. I believe that you should be testing every headline, every landing page layout, every button placement across your entire website. With each small tweak to your marketing funnel, you will see compounding results over time.
Justin Christianson was recently a guest on the business analytics podcast, Million Dollar Insights. He spoke with host Cara Hogan about how every business needs to optimize the marketing funnel in order to drive revenue.
In this 24-minute episode, they discuss:

  • The best tools for running A/B tests
  • The marketing metrics everyone should track
  • How to drive down Customer Acquisition Costs

If you’re interested in effectively measuring and optimizing your marketing conversion rates, you should listen to the newest episode of Million Dollar Insights.
Listen to the episode now: