One too many steps

Is your website putting littered with roadblocks, causing your potential customers to take detours, or worse yet go to your competition?
We had a client that had a couple steps in their checkout process.
1. Presell page
2. Choose Plan page
3. Checkout page
We made some significant improvements on the overall conversion rates of these pages as they sat, in some cases seeing 100% improvement.
We decided to take things to another level by combining pages 1 and 2 into one, effectively eliminating a step in their “process”.
Instead of having the presell page and the choose plan pages as two separate pages we pushed them together and tested the new combined page against the “control” which was the 3 step checkout.
What we saw was nothing short of awesome.
The two step process increased conversions a whopping 178.9%
Based on these results we also uncovered another bottleneck with the actual last page of the funnel.
Yes more people were checking out and sales did go up dramatically, but also saw a spike in abandon cart rate.
We deployed a few more tests on the checkout pages and also helped our client develop a process through retargeting, email, and chat to reduce the number of abandon carts.
The results are still out on those tests, as soon as we have definitive results, we will post back on our findings.
79% of website owners collect data on their site visitors but only 30% actually do something with the data.  Pay attention to what your users are telling you about your process through the data and test like crazy to find what they like more.
If you have a multiple step checkout process like this company, you may want to see how to remove some of those roadblocks to see if it makes an impact on your sales.
The results just may surprise you.
You know you should be testing, or maybe you are but are missing the mark on the 2X to 12X leverage points.  Let us help.  Simply contact us to discuss how we may deploy a full blown optimization plan for you and your business.