Landing Pages That Convert – 4 Rules To More Conversions


As a marketing professional, you spend a ton of time, money and effort to get your landing pages to produce the results you are looking for.  Creating landing pages that convert, convert to leads and sales, is crucial and can make or break a marketing campaign.  What we are going to do today is break down the top 4 rules to creating better landing pages.

4 Rules To Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Before we dive into the actual rules we have discovered after thousands of split tests on exactly what moves the needle the most on landing pages we should probably clarify something.  A “landing page” is basically a page on your site that serves a single purpose.  Usually delivering a message to the target audience from a paid ad or organic search. Your home page could also be classified as a landing page and these rules apply there as well.

1. Maximize above the fold

The first rule in creating landing pages that convert should go without saying but time and time again we see companies breaking this rule.  You need to maximize above the fold of the page.  “Above the fold” meaning the visible section of the page seen without having to scroll down.  Many studies have shown that you have only a few seconds to capture attention.  As well countless heatmaps have shown that you dramatically lose interest from the visitor the more they have to scroll down the page (sometimes as high as 95% drop off).

What to include above the fold?  First, you need to have a strong benefit-driven headline.  In just a few words you have to say…  what it is and what result will it provide, usually keeping it to less than 16 words.  The shorter and more impactful the better.

Second, you need to highlight more of the benefits and results the visitor will get by taking advantage of what you have to offer.  These are usually done in short benefit bullets directly within the top area of the landing page.

Number three actually ties into our next rule for landing pages that convert.

2. Single or limited calls to action

As mentioned above, your landing pages should serve a single purpose and that purpose depends on the goal you are looking for.  For some companies it could be to generate a lead, for others it could be pushing the visitor to make a buying decision.  No matter what the goal is you should try to limit the number of different/competing calls to action on the landing page.

We have several case studies on this blog that back this rule up.  More distractions lead to friction and friction doesn’t make for landing pages that convert.

Try to put the focus on your landing pages toward a single call to action.  The main goal you are looking to achieve.  If your main goal is to get a free trial, don’t mix the message by offering a white paper for download or a “schedule a demo” link on the same page as you are offering the trial.  Keep the focus on the main goal and watch your conversions skyrocket.

In relation to maximizing above the fold of the page, you need to make sure you have a clear call to action there as well.  Don’t make your visitors scroll to find out what you want them to do next.

3. Clear benefit, end result, and messaging

This should actually go without saying but again we see this far too often. When creating landing pages that convert you need to make sure you have a clear message, clear benefit, and the end result your visitors will get when they take the desired action.  Don’t clutter up your pages with long drawn-out paragraphs.  Before you jump on our case about the paragraphs we know that they can be good for SEO.

Use short blurbs and images to break up the page. Leverage bullets where you can and even mix in a video if it makes sense for your market and offer.

4. Proof

Our 4th rule in creating landing pages that convert is none other than adding proof elements.  Nobody wants to be first so be sure to leverage various elements throughout the page that show that others have achieved the results you are claiming they will get with your messaging.  You can use testimonials, awards, happy client logos, or media mentions.  Sprinkle them throughout your landing page.

We have case studies that have shown as high as 289% improvement by just incorporating various proof elements into a page.

Follow these simple rules and we are sure you come out with some landing pages that convert.

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