JustUno Platform Review

It is absolutely no secret that we have more technology when it comes to marketing than we know what to do with.  It is difficult to cut the clutter and find solutions that not only work but find ones that actually have an impact on our marketing results.

We get asked regularly what tools we use to help our clients get results.

Today we are going to go in-depth on one that we most recently started leveraging and that is JustUno.com

Sort of a weird chance of I guess you could call it fate.  I had a planned trip to San Francisco to meet with various companies.  Out of chance, I got an email from Matt over at JustUno the week before I was leaving on the trip.  He had seen some of the stuff that we have been doing and wanted to chat about some integrations.

I had the pleasure to meet up with their entire team including Erik, the company’s co-founder and CEO, to get an in-depth look at what they had going on as well as what they were doing to help their customers increase conversions.

All seemed to look fantastic on the surface. But before actually rolling it out as a product we can get behind we had to test it first and so far so good on everything.

What Is JustUno?

JustUno is a popup, special promotions, and notifications software platform.  Designed to increase engagement, capture more emails, increase conversions, and help companies reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can even run basic contests to increase lead generation and engagement.  You aren’t just limited to “exit popups”.

At first, I was thinking…  “oh great another popup solution”.  But after digging in I found their platform to be much more robust than just displaying a javascript popup that captures emails.

How Is JustUno Different?

As said. JustUno is more than just a popup software.

First, let’s start with customization.

  1. Design Customization

With the majority of the pop-up solutions on the market, you are limited with their template designs and are limited by what you can edit.

With JustUno you have dozens of pre-built templates.
You can choose from either locked or un-locked templates which basically means that you can choose the visitor flow by just showing a simple message like a coupon code or “lock” the value behind an action or an email form.

The best part is you are NOT limited to their templates.  You can use theirs and customize them or you can design your own from scratch.  You are only limited to your imagination.

Their template editor allows for as much complexity as you want or you can make it as simple as you want.

2. Integrations

What is great about JustUno is they allow for MANY integrations. There are so many that I didn’t take the time to count them.  But no matter what you are using for your CMS, your cart, your site, or any other solutions, they make for seamless integration.

The best part about their integrations is that you aren’t limited to a once size fits all solution.  You can set up custom integrations for each promotion so there is never any restriction on the marketing creativity.  If you need a custom setup for a certain promotion that requires a different solution set.  Don’t worry it can all be done.

3. Segmentation

With most “popup” solutions you are limited to who and how you show the popup.  Not with JustUno.  They allow for a wide range of rules sets as to how your visitors will experience your promotions and popups.

You can be as creative as you want, tailoring your marketing message to your audience based on their behavior and action on your site.  Want to only show a specific popup to visitors who have viewed a certain number of pages or have clicked on a certain link?  How about just showing your message to returning visitors?  They make that simple.

4. Reporting

Ah the holy grail in marketing, being able to actually have reports that you can use.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level in which they provide reporting.

They give you all the basics as well as some advanced reporting capabilities that can help you measure the success or failure of your promotions.  From what I have heard they are also working extremely hard on expanding the capabilities for reporting.  Based on everything else I have seen I am sure it is going to be awesome when they roll it out.

5. A/B Testing

This was actually one of my favorites.  Sure there are other tools out there that have A/B testing built-in but many are clunky to set up and actually use.  Not to mention the weakness of reporting.  We have already touched on JustUno’s reporting functions so it is no surprise that their A/B testing option is equally as good.

Of course, we always recommend that you leverage more robust testing tools or solutions but for the simple “which of these works best” tests in terms of popups and promotions their tool will get the job done with ease.

6. Mobile compatibility

A big one.  Many popup solutions simply don’t work on mobile so in many cases it renders them useless with many companies getting the majority of their results from mobile.

With JustUno you can set up completely separate mobile promotions, contests, popups, etc…  Basically, anything you can do on desktop, you can do on mobile and actually have it work!

All of the segmentation, the templates, the reporting, etc… already on mobile.

One last thing…

What would a good review be if I didn’t mention the setup of the solution?  Like most solutions, you have to constantly be swapping out code when you make changes or want to edit the experience.  With JustUno all you have to do is install one piece of code on your site one time.  Their platform then allows you to customize and change things on the fly without having to change any of the actual code on your site.  Plus they walk you through how to do it.

The platform I must say takes a little bit of getting used to when setting up your first campaign, at least that is what I found as I was used to a different interface.

All in all, I give JustUno a 5 out of 5 and am greatly looking forward to seeing more results for not only ourselves but for our clients using their platform.

No matter if you are an e-commerce store looking for special promotions or to reduce cart abandonment, a SaaS looking for creative ways to generate more leads and trial signups, or you simply want a powerful popup solution that doesn’t just do popups I recommend you checking out JustUno.  They have a 14-day trial, and from what I have found, fantastic support!

Have you used them? What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments!