Increasing Conversions By Providing A Better On-Site Experience

Online it can be difficult to allow your visitors to experience your product.  They can’t just pick it up off the shelf, touch it, hold it and see themselves owning the product.  But it is vitally important that you push to provide this type of experience. Allow them to picture the various ways they can use said product to help justify the purchase.

Today we are going to look at a specific case study where a mobile accessories retailer who specializes in B2B solutions provided some special use case scenarios to see a massive improvement in pretty much every metric we measured.

We are going to focus on the product catalog page for this example.  The page where your visitors can see the various products you have for sale and can filter down the product selections to what they are most interested in.

This company has several specific use cases and to help convey this message we tested a text blurb specific to that use case.  Think of it as a bit of personalization in the product search.  For example, you may be in healthcare or education and are looking for a specific solution.  The changes made helped us list the specific examples.

Visitors can narrow down their selection by use case, which is pictured above.
Above is the original version.  This text blurb was shown no matter the solution or use case selected was shown. It stayed the same when the “all uses” option was selected.
Above is an example of the use case banner, which this one is for education.  You can see the text changed as well as the image.  This was the same for all the other solutions.  We changed the image and the text to show the specific use case for each of the optional industries.

The results were actually pretty shocking. We had a feeling it would help improve the engagement on the site because we were providing a bit more personalized shopping experience and we gave the visitors the experience as well as got them thinking about the ways they could use the solution in their particular case.

Making this change we experienced a 12.2% increase in completed orders on-site, 45.1% increase in phone calls, 37.5% increase in revenue per visitor, 24.4% increase in visits to the cart page, 21.4% increase in visits to the checkout page and 1.5% increase in visits to the product detail page.

So the question is…  how can you give your visitors a better experience when shopping for your products?  How can you get them to picture themselves using the product?

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