Increase Site Conversions – Get More Demo Signups

An important driver for many SaaS companies and even other online retailers is the use of live demos of their product or service.  More importantly the signup rate for these demos.  The big question is what do you need to do to increase site conversions and your demo signup rate?

Increase Site Conversions – Get More Demo Signups

Demos are a great way to showcase your product or service and a great way to increase website conversions as well as create an opportunity for a sale.  As mentioned.  Many SaaS companies leverage this to give their prospects a glimpse of how powerful the tool can be for them and their business.

When looking to increase site conversions and get more demo signups what we did for one company is tested a new layout of the landing page.

When they came to us they had less than a 5% conversion rate off of cold traffic on their demo request page.

After much work we on the page we doubled the conversion rate.  But recently they redesigned the home page of their site so in an effort to keep consistency in the design and further increase the website conversion rate we redesigned the landing page for the demo signup and tested it.


The image above was the much-improved demo signup page before the redesign.

But as mentioned we wanted to keep consistency and congruency in the design from the new home page so we tested the new design to increase site conversions.

We incorporated many of the elements that were tested on the original image that showed an increase in conversions on previous tests but changed the layout and the feel of the page.  Things such as the headline, sub-headline, images, and phone number.

The results of our little experiment?

The new design shows an improvement in website conversions by 27.8%.

On average over 23% of the visitors who land on this page signup for the live demo.

We are also showing over a 200% increase in requests to schedule a demo as well.

If you are looking to increase site conversions and get more demo signups you may want to look at the consistency of your message and design compared to the other pages on your site.

We still have quite a bit of work to do on this page with testing the incremental elements again to see how much impact they have on the increased signups.  We also plan on adding some additional social proof elements to this page as well.

How consistent is your design and message from page to page?  Changing it might just increase site conversions.

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If you want some more insight on how to increase your consistency in your message and are looking for ways to increase site conversions be sure to reach out to schedule your no-obligation conversion acceleration session.  We most likely will find 3-5 things you can test right now to increase your results 30% or more – even if you don’t hire us to help you!