Increase Ecommerce Conversions By Fixing Your Category Pages

When selling multiple products in an e-commerce store a vital part of the process is your product category pages.  You know the pages that highlight your products to allow visitors to shop and find what they are looking for.

It is important that you have a great shopping experience on this page and provide an easy way for your visitors to find what they are looking for.  Today we are going to look at one particular ecommerce store and how changing their product category page allowed for a massive increase in checkouts as well as a revenue per visitor.

Here we have a store that sells cell phone charging accessories and other tools to keep the mobile user moving with even the busiest schedule.

They were seeing a decline in their business products and larger solutions so in an effort to increase their KPIs and after looking at the visitor data we decided to give the product category pages a facelift to help visitors find products easier and entice them to click through to the next step.

The original page was pretty simple.  It highlighted their most popular products as well as some new arrivals. For sake of being anonymous we blurred out some of the details but you get the idea.

A simple grid page that gave a handful of options but it didn’t allow for the shoppers to select why they were shopping and find exactly what they were shopping for.

On the new page, we made a few changes

  •  Added simple filter menu on the left side
  •  Reduced the number of products to only three columns
  •  Added a slight grid to each product to make them stand out
  •  Highlighted the free shipping on this category as well as the return policy
  •  Emphasized the reviews
  •  Highlighted the price and any available discounts which weren’t present on the old page

Sometimes it is good to go for big changes instead of just testing incremental changes to see if you can get a bigger lift.

In this particular case and based on previous tests plus the data we decided this was a good test to run.
And the results?
Due to the changes, we saw an increase in pretty much every goal we were measuring: a 24.8% increase in visits on the cart, an 18.7% increase in checkout page visits, a 38.6% increase in orders, and a 64.1% increase in revenue per visitor.

The reason we feel this was such a successful test was that we gave the visitors a better shopping experience and allowed them to find the products they were looking for specifically through the filters.

A couple of additional tests we are going to try after this are adding a button to each product to entice the click as well as re-introducing the top sellers section on the page.

If you are selling online through an e-commerce store then I encourage you to look at your user data, paying close attention to what they are paying attention to and what they are ignoring.  Give them every chance possible to easily find what they are looking for.

Test it out for yourself and message us to let us know the results.

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