Improving Your Product Selection To Increase Conversions 35%

It is important when looking at conversions that you make it super simple for your visitors to make selections and navigate to make a sale.  The easier you can make it the less friction there will be and with less friction it will likely lead to increased conversions.

Today we take a look at a clothing company and their product detail page as well as their product selections.
The test idea here was to expand on the product selection options, allowing them to choose their style, quantity, size, frequency and whether they want to sign up for a subscription.  This was over the original that just gave them the option to choose size and subscription or not.

The idea here was to give them options to build their custom order over a standard order.

The original as pictured below… (blurred for confidentiality).

The page was a simple layout with one large image of the product, simple selection options and an add to cart button showing the order total.

The variation…

We moved up the additional images to make them easily visible, on the original they were further down the page.

But the main changes as you can see in this wireframe mock up above were we highlighted that they can build their own custom box of the product, gave them two styles to choose from, an option to choose quantity, size including a size chart lightbox and whether they want to get the product monthly or just a one time purchase.

The results?

This test ran for just under two weeks, resulted in an extra 44 sales over the course of the test resulting in an extra $2118 in revenue.  35% increase in completed order conversions bringing the conversion rate from 1.75% to 2.36%, 30% increase in revenue per visitor and 72% increase in click throughs to the shopping cart.

Pretty dramatic results that will account for over $75,000 in additional annual revenue for this company not including any recurring subscription revenue.The bottom line here and the big take away is you need to think how you can improve the flow for the visitors to help them make selections easier and navigate to the end goal you want achieved.

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