How To Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate By 81%


Engagement from our target audience is vitally important.  It is getting harder and harder each day to grab their attention and even harder to keep it.
You may find that your website bounce rate is climbing and it can be an alarming statistic.  After all you spend your time, effort, and money to get people to your site, only to have 95% of them leave without even so much as to engage in your content or message.
So how do you combat this growing problem to reduce your bounce rate and keep people engaged enough on your marketing message enough to take a desired action such as to become a lead or making a buy decision?
You may not feel that bounce rate is an important stat but for some companies it is a BIG key performance indicator.
You can assume all day long but at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters and that is what your visitors want.
After all isn’t that what it is all about?  Giving the “customers” what they want and need?
I know this may sound simple in nature and you may be thinking that it is easier said than done.  Well I am here to break it down for you as well as give a specific example of how we reduced the bounce rate for one client by over 81% using a very simple technique.
Like I said you can assume all day long.  But in marketing assumptions can be a sales killer.
So what is this simple concept that can help you give your visitors more of what they want?
It actually isn’t a big secret but it is very powerful if you actually use it.
Let’s break it down.
We were working on a client campaign.  They had two separate paths to enter their sales pipeline.  This is a wildly successful company with a strong track record doing tens of millions in revenue each year.
What they were doing was assuming what their visitors wanted.  Remember this is a sales killer.
We installed some simple heatmap/click map software to get a better understanding at just what the visitors were paying attention to and the findings were pretty interesting.
The path they assumed was the path visitors were going down was actually not the path they preferred.  The visitors were focusing on the secondary path into the sales funnel.
Making a slight adjustment to put more focus on the secondary path, basically giving the majority of the visitors exactly what they wanted, resulted in a decrease in bounce rate by over 81% and actually increased lead generation by 3.5%.  Although not a huge increase when you are generating thousands of leads each day that are each worth hundreds of dollars any improvement is a big improvement.  PLUS one of the big objectives was to reduce the bounce rate which was accomplished.
The moral of the story here is that assumptions can kill your results.  Find out what is making your visitors tick, what they are paying attention to, and give it to them.  But only do this if you want to improve your results.
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