How To Optimize Google Adwords – 5 Steps For Better Results

It is absolutely no secret that Google Adwords is a powerful traffic source for just about any business selling just about any product.  But how can you ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising dollars?

Today we are going to reveal 5 steps on how to optimize Google Adwords.

When doing conversion rate optimization it is equally important that you pay attention to the traffic sources and do Adwords optimization.  Because frankly, you can’t optimize your website without good quality traffic.  It is one half of the overall winning strategy.

How To Optimize Google Adwords – 5 Steps For Better Results

When looking at Adwords optimization we look for several things and often times this leads to a massive reduction in CPA costs and advertising spend that provides increased results.

1. Use Modified Broad Match Keywords

Our first step in how to optimize Google Adwords starts with your keyword targeting. More specifically we are looking at using a modified broad match vs. the traditional broad match.

When using modified broad match keywords you don’t have to fear the drawbacks of broad match and don’t typically need such a big negative keyword list.  Modified terms won’t target synonyms and the traffic tends to be much more relevant.

An example would be instead of targeting “conversion rate optimization” we would target “+conversion +rate +optimization”.

Take a look at your keywords to see how you can modify your broad match keywords.

2.  Order terms by conversions

Our second step in how to optimize Google Adwords has to do with reporting.  Check your search terms report and order by conversions.  This will help you discover unexpected keyword phrases that convert better than others.  Of course, you always want to pay close attention to what keywords and terms are providing the most results.

You may find that certain keywords are driving a ton of traffic (costing you money) but aren’t producing results. You can typically cut those terms or modify them to produce better results.

3.  Have multiple ad variations

What good would Adwords optimization be without a little split testing?  Our third step in how to optimize Google Adwords is centered around ad variations.  Make sure that you are always running at least three ad variations with the setting “rotate indefinitely” until you find winning ads.

Telling Adwords to optimize ads too soon can cause you to accidentally kill good ads chances of beating the control and we ALWAYS want to try to beat the control.  Don’t just assume Google will do it for you.

4.  Target locations more specifically

Our fourth step in how to optimize Google Adwords has to do with your targeting.  Be sure you target your locations by state or province instead of just by country.  This allows you to optimize Adwords geographically within a country.  Sure it is a little more work but it is worth it.  This will also help you figure out additional data on your best leads and customers as well as find trends you may not have otherwise found.

5.  Be congruent

Our fifth and final step on how to optimize Google Adwords has to do with being congruent in your message through to the landing page.  This is a big one we see companies fail at regularly.  Be sure you have specific landing pages that match the marketing message used in your ads that have a specific goal in mind including a specific call to action.  Don’t just resort to sending all your traffic to your home page.  The extra step of creating specific landing pages for keywords can pay off big time.

There you have it…  5 steps on how to optimize Google Adwords.

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