How To Get More Free Trials And Upgrades

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Many companies leverage the power of free trials in their marketing but what are some key ways to get more people to take the trial and more importantly what are some ways to get more upgrades?
Today we are going to talk about just that.
Getting more free trials:
Don’t require a credit card if you can help it.  Make it as low of a barrier to entry as you possibly can.  Multiple tests have shown that not requiring a credit card dramatically increases signup rates.
When selling the trial, make sure you are leading with benefits more over features and make the “action” as pain free and risk free as possible.
You may also want to offer your users the opportunity to pay for 6 months, a year, or even a lifetime membership.  This gives them options, and tests have shown that offering up to 3 options increases conversions.  Sure you will only have a small percentage of people take you up on it but this helps off set some advertising costs.
Getting more upgrades:
You have your free trial users now it is time to upgrade them to a paying customer.  The biggest way is to make sure your product has a sticky factor.  Think about what causes millions of people to rush to open Facebook everyday?  They have the sticky factor.  Get your users dependent upon the your product through the trial.
You can even take that a step further and basically make your trial an extended demo or a trial with a hard cut off date.  One particular software client does this with much success.  They push people into a 14 day trial and immediately pushes the users into actually using the product.  Then at 14 days they have the chance to upgrade or they lose access.  One note here is they do a GREAT job at getting people experiencing and using the product which is vitally important to make this method work.
After a person signs up for a free trial, give them a special one time offer to upgrade at a discount.  This works extremely well.  Add bonuses to help sweeten the deal.
Same for if they upgrade to a monthly billing cycle, immediately after upgrade, give them the chance to buy out the entire year at a discount.
If they don’t take you up on your special upgrade offer from a free trial, position a second chance during the trial to get the special offer again as sort of a “save a sale” offer.
When pushing people for upgrades make sure your product has enough value to justify the upgrade.  Unlock more features, get more benefits etc…  Make it a must have and something they can’t live without.
Lastly, in your members area or user interface don’t just tell them they have X number of days left in the trial.  Sell them on the benefits of upgrading to premium.  So many people fail to use this opportunity to continue selling which could make the world of difference.
That’s all for today.
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