How Personalizing Your Message Can Increase Conversions

If you have been in the marketing game for any period of time you know that the more specific and personalized you can make your message the better off you are going to be. Adding even the slightest personal touch to your ads and landing pages will help engage your visitors and generally will lead to increased conversions.
Today we are going to take a look at a quick case study of a test we conducted for one of our clients and it is all centered around creating a message around a specific geo-location of the visitor.  In this case, it was by state.

Their original message as seen below (some elements blurred for the confidentiality of our clients) shows the message simply targeting “Americans” and isn’t personalized at all.  The traffic source in question for this test was from Facebook targeted ads.

As you can see in the headline it states “Americans” and in the sub-headline, it says… “In Your State”.

The variation we created for this test leveraged the targeting of the ads and merged in their state as part of the message.  As you can see below instead of “Americans” it now says “Texans” and in the sub-headline, it now says “Texas” instead “In Your State”.  We did this for all states targeted in the companies’ ads since we are located in Texas, it shows Texas.

Our hypothesis behind this was that by creating a more personalized message we will increase the form submissions.

And the results?

After 16,360 visits to the two variations, the control converted at 17.53% while the geo-targeted landing page converted at 19.31%.  This is an increase in conversions by 10% at 100% confidence in the test.

Ten percent more people preferred the geo-targeted message as it is more personalized to them and the needs that the report they are giving away solves.

This also means that for every 10,000 people that see the page will result in approximately an extra 178 leads for this campaign.

The big question here is how can you add additional personalization to your marketing message?  Test it out for yourself and see what happens.  Let us know the results.